The Break Bread experience is unique in that it provides an opportunity for participants to relax, be real, and be heard. As different people develop an understanding of how much they are alike, relationships are built and strengthened, bringing our communities closer together. Here are some stories.


It's always good to get in a home, and an intimate setting, to get to know people. I would definitely go and do it again. I think one of the problems we have is being afraid of each other in all walks of life. The more we really know each other and trust each other the further the kingdom of God will get.

—Roger Trimble


Fellowship is always an experience that I very much enjoy because “conversation” challenges us to dig a little deeper in order to share more of true ourselves.

—J Ross Grace


The opportunity to participate in Break Bread Winston Salem afforded me an opportunity to go beyond standard, surface-level conversation that generally takes place at dinner parties. This was a chance to delve into the belief system of individuals that spans across socioeconomic lines, denominational differences, and ethnicity. We were able to share our individual perspectives on various topics which included our belief in Jesus Christ, and how we could bridge the racial gap in our city. What a wonderful opportunity to break bread and to break down walls!

—Dr. Victoria F. Hanchell

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