At our dinners, participants enjoy a meal and great conversation while getting to learn more about their neighbors and the things that matter to them. We firmly believe in the following Breaking Bread Principles:

  • Sitting around table in a private home
  • Having a meal together— actually "Breaking Bread"
  • Sharing Stories
  • Beginning and ending in prayer.

These simple actions have the power to transform our neighborhoods, our communities and our nation. We hope you will join in this effort to foster greater understanding and create new relational capital in our communities.

Be a Guest

The easiest way to be a part of the Break Bread dinners is to be a guest. The only requirement is that you bring your appetite for good food and great conversation. Be ready to share your life experiences, big or small, as they relate to the evening's topic and come prepared to hear the stories of others.

To be notified about the next round of Break Bread dinners, visit the Contact Us page and send us a note.



Be a Host

If you have the gift of hospitality, being a Break Bread host is for you. Typically, Break Break dinners are hosted by two couples  who facilitate the evening's gatheing.

"Facilitate" is a such fancy word — what we really we mean is that the host couples let the invited guests know the dinner location, the discussion topic, and prepare a simple meal in the home of one of the host couples. Host couples also let their guests know if there is any advance preparation for the evening's conversation (for example watching a YouTube video or reading an article or booklet).

Being a Break Bread host is a great opportunity to meet new people and share your hospitality. To learn more, fill out the contact form.

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